Hi there, my name is Simon James Rickwood and I own and run Simon Jay Photography. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site and check out my photography.

I live and work in Truro, Cornwall and run the website from a studio in an Old Bakery by the River Fal – a great spot and the perfect location for exploring the rest of Cornwall. I live just down the road from the studio with my wife and two boys.

If you want to find out more about me, I’ve given myself a little Q&A – I use the name Simon Jay for my photography as it’s a little more catchy than Simon Rickwood, so I thought it’d be fun for me to interview my pseudonym below…!

Simon Rickwood: Hey, Simon Jay. How’s it going?
Simon Jay: Good thanks. And you?
Simon Rickwood: The same as you.

SR: What’s Friday have in store for you?
SJ: Just uploaded some photos to Instagram and about to go and have lunch with some friends in a studio near mine. Then it’s back to get this site ready for launch, hopefully next week! Eeek!

SR: How did you get into surf photography?
SJ: I have always been interested in photography and have been into surfing and waves ever since I went on my first surf trip with some mates to the West Coast of France when I was 17. I started to take my photography more seriously after moving to Cornwall with my young family and getting back into the water. Getting married, having two young boys, finding my way in life – all that had prevented me from getting in the water for a fair few years! It was great to get back, my passion has been re-ignited and it is amazing to be living down here so close to the action.

SR: Why do you do it?
SJ: Firstly, I am fascinated by waves and water. Their power, beauty, the way they break, the colours. They are unrelenting too. And I love the fact that waves can be shot in so many different ways and every wave that breaks is different to the next. It never gets boring. Secondly, it’s just so much fun to get out there and shoot! Usually I am on my own exploring, climbing, discovering, waiting, watching. It is very fulfilling. You need a bit of patience I guess but if you come home with some shots you’re happy with, it’s well worth the wait!

SR: Do you shoot in the water or from the land?
SJ: Both, though it’s been pretty hard to get in the water so far this year due to all these crazy storms that have been battering the coast. On the flipside, these storms have thrown up some great photo opportunities! I hope to get back in the water soon but I love shooting from land too – finding cool compositions and angles that hopefully make my photos stand out.


SR: Who inspires you?
SJ: I’ve recently discovered Ray Collins. His wave shots are true art, take it to the next level. He shoots some haunting and scary stuff! I like Chris Burkard – stunning photography and I love the fact that each photo usually has a narrative or something to spike your emotions.

SR: What’s the plan for the future?
SJ: Keep shooting. Keep improving. Get hold of some more gear! I’m hoping to expand my portfolio to include other spots in England and beyond. My wife is from Reunion Island, so I recently spent some time over there – a photographer’s dream! Be great to explore some more remote parts of the world and see what the waves and landscapes are doing. We’ll see what happens!

SR: Thanks for your time, Simon Jay
SJ: It’s all yours!