Framing Options for wall Products

Cornwall Surf Photography

The photographs on this website are inspired by the one of the UK’s most beautiful, rugged and breath taking places and what goes on beyond the West Country coastline in the form of breaking waves, powerful storms and peaceful underwater scenes. There are few better places in England to take photos – there is so much to capture, always something going on and crazy weather systems that move from calm to howling to apocalyptic in a day. This place keeps you on your toes and keeps your camera clicking.

Cornwall surf photography and wave photography make up the majority of the shots available here at my online store. The options for shooting waves here are virtually endless, whether you are in the sea or on land. There are famous spots, secret spots, sheltered spots, storm spots, remote locations you can only get to on foot. It’s a never-ending trail of exploration. And that is half the fun!


Quality Frames

Photos from land and sea need great framing. Our Cornwall surf photography and wave photography is available in a wide choice of high quality frames that look great on the walls of homes, apartments, restaurants, bars, offices and more. They also make great gifts for friends, family and loved ones. All the framing is finished with great craftsmanship and help to showcase the photos beautifully.

There is a wide choice of frames to choose from here. Some of the most popular include the Float Frames, which raise photos from the centre of the frame to provide a cool drop shadow; the Box frames, which are ideal for large prints, big rooms or open plan spaces. My photos are also available printed directly onto aluminium up to 60 x 40” or for a more rustic, unique look, try the photos printed directly onto birchwood.